Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Be (16-Nov-2011)

Had an operation last week and was having some pain last night so I took a percocet.  This was the result.


Butterflies bring babies
Borrowing blue balloons;
Buzzing bees buy blessing
Bishops blow brown bassoons;
Bridges bridging bygone
Boats bobbing back beyond

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dove (9-Nov-2011)

My sweetie has been gone all week building houses in Haiti. I decided to use 3WW to write a poem. I chose the pleiades form to add to that collection.


drank of the wellspring of
delicious love I have
decided to hitch my
desires to one whom
dances on pin heads with
deafening life she will
dig to muster my soul

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beauty and the Bits (17-May-2011)

Just on a whim...

Beauty and the Bits

Dodging in and out among virtual walls;
Running hither and non twixt cyber rushes.
In a shadow world of books and pixels,
Hid from sight by 3D glasses.

Raven quoth and cauldron bubble;
Pricking thumbs and Golden Apples;
She is and ever shall be
My Great Amercian Hero

A hideous form
Bent backed and mangled
Peering from a secret place
Spies the Beauty among the Bits.