Thursday, July 1, 2010

Untitled (1-July-2010)

I'll be bluntly honest that I think this one sucks. There was a lot of commotion while I was trying to write this which made it hard to concentrate. It is in villanelle form using this week's Three Word Wednesday prompt.


And Life will collect
With no bit of hassle
What Death must reject

Do You suspect
That you are its Vassal
And Life will collect

Or can You detect
With Motive most facile
What Death must reject

No Moat can protect
Your Wealth and your castle
And Life will collect

For Mirrors reflect
Inner Selves gracile
What Death must reject

Intuition will inject
On Cap with limp tassel
And Life will collect
What Death must reject


Rupam said...

beautiful thought.

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rch said...

Hey Phantom, nice to see you're still writing! This one is really good and besides, I just love vilanelles.

kuyr53e said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

David Bishop said...

Not too bad. I can't even tell you were distracted :)

ayush sharma said...

Please have a look and judge my work :