Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poker Party (11-Nov-2011)

I had a pretty rough time during that period when I had my operation. I found one that I wrote in my journal that I forgot to post. The combination of pain, percocet, and long empty days brings out some pretty dark things.

Poker Party

Can't sleep and have pain. Guess I'll clean.
My demons have come to visit;
They all sit about me
Dressed in colors of death.
They know me.
My protector is not here.
Jealousy, Vanity, Rage, Envy,
Lust, Hunger, Self-Doubt;
They sit around the table
And play cards for my soul;
Dealer's choice.
The deck is stacked and the winners known
And still they play.


Cheoy Lee said...

I actually like the darkness of this. As you read on in the poem a dark double meaning of 'Guess I'll clean' is brought out - cleanse the self? Expose the spots of 'Jealousy, Vanity, Rage, Envy...'?

BritPaige13 said...

I really like this all except the 'Guess I'll clean' It doesn't seem to fit. Anyway I think it's a good metaphor for how medical pain causes emotional pain. well done.