Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rooted (25-Feb-2008)

This is a response to the poem. site free-for-all. This one is both an acrostic in the first letters and a "hidden message" poem of the kind I first wrote as an assignement from by lost beloved (The Future).

If I'm lucky, Michelle will choose five of the odd words I use here for this week's Friday 5 at Poefusion :-)

paisley pointed out that this will work for the latest Totally Optional Prompts call for a message poem.


Fast held am I
each tendrill still
apart from love
requited by you

Amalgam that I bring forth
foundations to know the truth
reality that you foresake
abundance to still the heart
immunity that love denies
deponent to me is this


paisley said...

this will work wonderfully for totally optional prompts on thursday as well....

heres a link.....


Anonymous said...

Love this one - very clever combining the two hidden messages!

Linda Jacobs said...

I've never seen a poem like this. I like it!