Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kasmira (4-May-2008)

For reasons I won't go into, this one forced its way out of me. If you really need to know the motivation, you should read my other blogs.

I did realize something interesting after I put it down on paper. I know there is a school of thought that believes poetry is best expressed when spoken. I am not sure that is always true. Sometimes layout, punctuation, or, as in this case, letter choice can add impact when reading privately that is lost when reading out loud.


Kasmira Kreates Klothes
Kasmira Kraves Kindness
Kasmira Kuddles Kats
Kasmira Kneeds Knots
Kasmira Kauses Kare
Kasmira Kovers Krimes
Kasmira Kloses Doors

1 comment:

Michelle Johnson said...

Love how you broke all the 'k' sounds up with that last word, door. Door seemed to resound even after reading. This Kasmira is quite the gal. Have a nice night.