Monday, June 16, 2008

Pain (9-Jun-1997)

I found this one in my journal and it was a particularly dark period. In the journal it was unpunctuated except for the opening sentence. I have added a period to the end of each line. I don't trust my original instincts given my state of mind at the time.


My brain hurts.
I want to write verse but all that
comes are the broken words.
Half-formed thoughts.
Nothing comes together and yet I must
To stop writing would be to admit defeat.
I just want to sleep.
To forget.
And yet my life continues.
It’s useless.
I can’t even write verse.


Jo said...

Oh yes, I've known days like that... you're an excellent writer, you know. Very stirring pieces.

Shirley4 said...

I like your name...Phantom...I liked this poem, as I can relate to it, and you make the reader 'feel' what you feel.
Oh, I also am in Cinci.

Shirley4 said...

Phantom...are you in a 'block' again?...It's been a long time since this poem if you posted it in June of '97!!

Kitchen worktops guy said...

Ahem- you TOTALLY can write verse.