Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Phoenix (10-Jun-2008)

My new muse has stoked the fire and I like the results. I'll admit this one is a bit disjointed. It is interesting how a change in muse causes a change in voice, no matter how slight. There are a couple of literary referenced and callbacks in this one.


Tiny pieces
Broken scattered
Collected stitched
Repaired returned
You to Me

Line in my sand
You dared to cross
Castle Walls
You rose to fell

My Raven's Song
Forgotten Lore
Ever silenced

Snakebit soul
Poison drawn

You met me on my road


Jo said...

impeccable imagery "snakebit soul/poison drawn"
your style is captivating

excellent work. (and best of luck with that new muse)

Shirley4 said...

Very vivid imagery. I like that. It is like Haiku