Saturday, April 5, 2008

Closed Loops (2005) Unfinished (?)

Sorry I have been missing in action but life happens, as they say. In fact it's been happening so much I didn't realize I missed two days, I thought it was only one.

I found this fragment marked unfinished but I'm not so sure it is. Maybe I couldn't finished it because it was done and I just didn't realize at the time that there was no more. Let me know what you think.

Closed Loops

Each life, so closed.
Running around our loops.
How does one break into another's loop?
Moving about my loop.
Seeing another's
Wanting to be apart of so many loops.
My loop stops and I stand
Watching the other loops go 'round.
After breaking out of my loop
How long can I be a part of no loop?


Michelle Johnson said...

I think everyone feels they should belong to a loop but, I think its okay to live life the way you want as long as it is a clean and kind life. Do your best and stay focused. In the end the other loops stop turning as well. Your poem is thought provoking. Have a nice day.

rch said...

I hear you Phantom, at least you have your anonymity ;). Great write and I haven't forgotten about the book thing, just haven't had time to actually get the book, open it and, well you get the idea. :D

Crafty Green Poet said...

I recognise that feeling very well...