Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dawn Blue (8-Apr-1986)

This was written for an earlier muse. I have long considered it one of my best as regards my many attempts at love poetry. There is something short and sweet and, for me anyway, profound about the sentiment. Although there are times I read it and wish there were more, I think it is best to leave the reader with that feeling. This is probably why many of my poems are short...although that might just be my laziness.

Dawn Blue

Dream a dream that dreamers dream,
And sing a song that dreamers sing.
Without the worries of the world
No-one can dream their lilac dreams.

Before the setting of the sun,
Laugh a laugh that lovers laugh.
Until the crowing of the cock
Exists a light which lacks a lamp.


paisley said...

this is short and playful... like the run time of most love affairs.....

Maya said...

I don't know...it seemed a bit vague to me, especially the last line. I think you started out really well with the first verse and then got lost a little on the second!! Don't worry, it happens to me a lot. Just try and do a second draft (which always sucks I know)

Thanks for commenting on my blog though, I'm so so glad you liked it!

-(trying to be honest) Ayesha (alias Maya).

The Phantom said...

I never mind honesty and appreciate what others have to say about what they do or don't see about my work. I almost never rewrite my poems once my brain says they are done and since this one was finished 21 years ago any attempt to change it now would be inauthentic to the guy who wrote it then. Thanks for the feedback!