Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Apple Tree (23-Mar-1986)

Looking over my old poetry, I struggled to find something that was neither to idiotically flippant or unbearably dark. I may post those eventually for completeness sake but they are a little too open and raw (although that might mean they are better).

So this one, while still a little cheesy, is the kind I use to work on. This probably took me the better part of an hour to work out initially and I may have gone back to it over a period of days until I liked how it sounded.

To be honest, I don't really remember why I wrote it...it was my freshman year in college, so it was for some girl no doubt. I will admit that it makes me think of my love. This is not suprizing since it was she who has put me in touch with the poet that wrote this all those years ago for some other muse.

The Apple Tree

Come my darling sit with me,
Share the shade of an Apple Tree;
And we will talk
And reminisce
And trade our days of childhood bliss.

I don't know you very well,
But can see you have so much to tell;
I want to listen
Please let me hear
Of what you love and what you fear.

And if you want the same from me,
Underneath our Apple Tree;
Then I will give
And you receive
What I do and don't believe.

So let us let the world go by,
While watching clouds form in the sky;
And maybe time
Can slow the days
As in each others eyes we gaze.

Come my darling sit with me,
Share the shade of an Apple Tree;
And maybe when
This time is done
We can walk together into the Sun.

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