Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Worthless (19-Feb-2006)

Sleep has abandoned me and I have spent the hours pondering the real reason my love has done the same. Sadly, while I was twice the man with her that I ever was before, I am still only half the human being she is. In the end, I am left to conclude that she knew she deserved more than I could ever hope to offer.

I write this now as I realize she must have seen me.


Wretched, unbearable;
Hopelessly without merit.
Unwanted companion;
Worthless baggage.

Why take on a journey
That which sickens you?
Why drag along refuse
That is better left discarded?

Pointless, powerless;
Painfully without purpose.
Unneeded flotsam;
Useless tool.

Life is too important
To share it with one so menial.
When dressing for a party
Do not wear an outfit so hideous.

There will come a time
When you know you must
Leave behind to rot
That which poisons your soul
In order to move forward
And give the world
What it requires of you.

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