Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just (8-Dec-2007)

I was looking through my old stuff for something to offer and came across this. I like it because it reminds me of a happier time and also because it fits in with the request at Read Write Poem for repetition. I'll admit it's a tad cheesy but I like it anyway.


Without her I am
Just a man

Any other hand on my hand is
Just a hand

A day without her is
Just a day

Words from lips other than hers are
Just words

Life without her would be
Just a life

The embrace of another is
Just an embrace

But her embrace is
Just amazing

And with her life is
Just beautiful

Because her words are
Just all my heart requires

In a day with her which is
Just what life is all about

While holding her hand which is
Just what I need

Because with her I am more than
Just a man


paisley said...

i have eyt to get to read write poem... but this is definitely an excellent entry for the repetition prompt...

this does sound much happier and from a different piece of you than lot of the more recent stuff... very nice....

The Phantom said...

I'm glad you liked it. Yes, it was written for my beloved when things were so good and we were both in the same place. I have quite a few of those...a couple which woud require me to make this an adult blog :-)

Christine said...

I hope she received the poem, and was pleased. I'm sorry times aren't as happy as they were then.

Your change of "just" works well, leading toward the final change at the end.

Linda Jacobs said...

Yes, great use of repetition! I like a simple poem like this that holds so much emotion!

anthonynorth said...

And when she's with you, it would be Just perfect.
An upbeat poem.