Friday, February 8, 2008

Kasmira (4-Dec-2007)

This is where it all began. This was the first poem I had written in quite a while and it was all for my love. Now that she has left me, it seems only appropriate to post it. This was not speed poetry and took a while to work out although it still came to me very quickly. There is a sequel inside me that I will post soon.


Long and Weary.
I stand and look at the
Long and Weary road.
It stretches behind and before me.

Long and Weary.
I stand halfway along my journey
And I want to stop.
Must I go on?

People crowd the road
And yet I am so alone.
I sit, ready to sleep.
Why should I rise again?

"Because I need you."
She stands by my side.
She brushes the tear from my cheek.
"Walk with me."

I rise.
My heart is light.
My journey will be easy.
The road is not Long and I am not Weary.


paisley said...

life feeds very well on love..

poets who blog said...

I like the repeating of long and weary, especially in the last line and would have liked to see it used once in the middle of the poem.

I did find this a very touching piece with an intimate tone.

Pam said...

I really like your use of repetition through the poem. It made me feel like I was seeing mile posts on the road each time I came to them. I, too, have been exploring roads this week in my poetry.

qualcosa di bello said...

a beautiful tribute to companionship!