Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spring (3-Feb-2008)

This started out as a speed poem but I quickly decided that it should have a more deliberate feel. I liked the sound of the rhymes and of the paired adjective-noun construction. In particular, it seemed to me to give the poem a feeling of forward motion which compliments the subject.

Don't look too hard for deeper meaning. This is about springtime, my favorite of seasons. There is, perhaps, a bit of my own personal philosophy revealed by the last stanza. While it may seem tacked on and incongruous to the theme of new life, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Springtime is all about love and the awakening of love in us can do spring-like things to our soul. I found that out recently and with the coming of the real spring, this poem speaks volumes about how I feel about the woman I love.


Melting snow
Warming earth
Rising seedlings
Giving birth.

Budding branches
Breathing leaves
Falling rains
Waking trees.

Growing days
Receding past
Living earth
Breaking fast.

Filling heart
Flying dove
Touching you
Feeling Love

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