Friday, February 15, 2008

Goodbye (15-Feb-2008)

My darling wants nothing more to do with me so my journey will not be the one I had hoped for when I wrote the original poem. There isn't much on which to comment. I took the first poem and reworked it to fit the new circumstances of my life. There is a hidden meaning here, but I suspect that I will be the only one to ever grasp it and I will never tell.


Long and Weary.
We stand and look at the
Long and Weary road.
It stretches behind and before us.

I turn and see
That she is not beside me.
She sits and stares
Off into the distance.

I return to her
And touch her hair.
She does not look at me
As I stand by her side.

"But I need you,"
I tell her quietly.
She brushes the tear from my cheek.
"Walk on without me."

I look at her.
My heart is heavy.
My journey will not be easy.
The road is Long and I am Weary.



Dude, I got a pain in my chest from reading your poems. I was truly moved and feel bad for what has happened. Be strong, and write your ass off. Hang in there.

The Phantom said...

Thank you much Larry. It does help to get a supptive comment from the void. Don't worry, I've got plenty of material to present and some new stuff on which I'm working.