Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nightfall (17-Jan-2008)

This one was of particular interest to me because it is an example of how these speed poems "write themselves." When I finished what is below, I kept trying to add a few more lines to increase the hopefullness of the ending to counterbalance the preceeding darkness. But no matter what I tried it just didn't feel right. After a few minutes, I was forced to conclude that there was no more...that the poem was done.

As to meaning, it is particularly personal and timely for me. I suspect anyone in a relationship when they are parted for any amount of time from their love will feel some connection to it. On re-reading it now, I realize that the end is not even as hopeful as I had first felt. The couple in this poem never actually see the sun but are forced to be content in the faith the it will rise again. Maybe that is why the poem finished itself there...because that is where my beloved and I are. But like this couple, I know we both have every belief that the sun will rise and we will be able to turn and see one another in the first rays of the dawn.


Take my hand in the setting sun.
Eyes closed by the darkness;
We are unable to see one another.
Night creeps over us.
Cold fills the air between us.
There is loneliness in this darkness.
No stars
No moon above
To give relief.
Feel my hand.
I am here.
We are still together.
We are not alone.
Wait with me without fear
For the first rays of the dawn.

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