Friday, February 22, 2008

Hope (22-Feb-2008)

I couldn't resist another attempt at the Pleiades form from yesterday. There is actually a lot more freedom in this form than you might expect from reading the description. I do apologize that the subject matter is similar but it's where I'm at right now. As the title suggests, however, I can feel my own sense of hope returning. I have tried to maintain the despair but that's just not who I am...much as I would like to be.


how do we pickup and
how will we move on and
how can we believe and
how shall we belong and
how must I be here and
how can she be gone and
how free are we really


Michelle Johnson said...

I like this one just as well. I love how you kept the same starting word for each line of the Pleiades. I think it added such definition to the composition. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

The Phantom said...

Thanks for the support. I was torn on how to title this one. Hope is the answer to the questions but I was tempted to hold to the form an title it "How" instead.

paisley said...

you have inspired me to try yet another....


The Phantom said...

If you only knew how your comment touched me. Of all the positive things someone could say, generating inspiration is the highest compliment I could imagine. And I love the result.

Russell Ragsdale said...

I liked both of your Pleiadeses! I'll give it a try in a bit! Thanks!

Deborah Vatcher said...

I found your work through Poets Who Blog, and especially like this poem. I wasn't familiar with this form until I read it here. You ask the hard questions indeed.

The Phantom said...

Thank you so much. I did like this better than my first attempt although I agree with Michelle that my third (Spring) is the best of the set. My current problem is that all my subject matter is about the same thing.