Monday, February 11, 2008

A Moment of Clarity (20-Aug-2005)

I was looking through my old poetry and found a couple that were somewhat recent that I forgot I had written. In fact, I remember so little about this one that I don't even know myself what it means or what my own life context was at the time it written. For the much older poems, I can get the life context from the journals in which they were originally penned. I'd be curious as to what this means to anyone.

A Moment of Clarity

You stand naked before the rising sun.
You are stripped bare of all that guards your soul.
You want to hide from the raw heat of the day.

It comes upon you when you least expect.
It settles at your side.
It comforts you.
It leaves and you wonder if it was ever there.
It becomes harder to remember.
It deserts you.

You stand naked before the setting sun.
You are covered over with all that hides your soul.
You tremble as you feel the first fringe of the night.

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