Sunday, March 30, 2008

Always (30-Mar-2008)

Here is the next in my series of 26 pleaides. I decided to cement my fate by doing the letter "A." Of course, the first word to come to mind was the one you find in every child's dictionary. This is an example of poetry that I myself don't really understand until after I am finished. Frequently, when I am done, I sit back and re-read it and try to analyze what it is my subconscious is really saying. This one, I suppose is pretty obvious.


Apples dropping from trees;
Always, Always, Always,
Asking for reasons to fall.
Almonds sitting in shells;
Always, Always, Always,
Afraid to be opened.
Always, Always, Always.


paisley said...

i think most of what challenges me about poetry is making every single poem say something or mean something or come to a conclusion... i cannot think of any of the pieces i have written outside of the few collaborations that i have not been in complete control of their message... now i realize it is not always obvious,, their message i mean to someone outside of myself,, and my current poem apply within is an example of that.. but to me,, it means the world.. it was me and it was him,, and despite all those things that sound gratuitous and lude to someone that has no inkling... i loved him more than i have ever loved anyone... and that was our life.

Michelle Johnson said...

I sometimes struggle with what my poetry means unless there is a specific subject already in mind. Sometimes the words just come to the page the way it wants to. I think that is the beauty of poetry.