Thursday, March 13, 2008

Numb (13-Mar-2008)

I have been wanting to write a villanelle since I wrote a pantoum. I find these forms help to focus me which is something with which I still struggle. For this one, I decided to throw in the Three Word Wednesday words and I also used the Totally Optional Prompts theme of Smoke & Mirrors. In my mind, that is reflected here because it comes from a place in me where I realize that so much of what we believe of life is an illusion.

As always, I desperately struggled with a title on this one. For some reason it was even harder than usual. In the end, I decided to go with how it feels to read it aloud.


Blood drips down my thumb;
Trickling from my arm,
And I am numb.

My voice pinched to dumb,
But no sense of alarm;
Blood drips down my thumb,

Life began as a drum,
But has lost its charm
And I am numb.

An apartment dark and glum;
No door to keep out harm;
Blood drips down my thumb.

My heart no-one to strum;
No harvest on that farm
And I am numb.

I hope my time has come.
My pain shall death disarm.
Blood drips down my thumb,
And I am numb.


paisley said...

you are absolutly correct in your choice of a title,, this definately leaves one feeling numb... very nice villanelle....

TC said...

I agree: excellent choice of titles.

tumblewords said...

The title works! Nice villanelle.

gautami tripathy said...

One good villanelle! I had not read one with so short lines. It works very well. And the title goes with this.


pia said...

I'm not a poet so I don't know villanelle, but I loved this
An apartment dark and glum;
No door to keep out harm;
Blood drips down my thumb.

Let me know when you've participated 3 times--have been a little out of it