Monday, March 17, 2008

Nonesuch 1 (10-Nov-1984)

I realize that the prompt sites are meant to prompt new writing but I couldn't resist pulling out an old one for the Totally Optional Prompt of Get Surreal. In high-school I toyed with a form of free verse that I called broken verse. It's basically pure stream-of-consciousness poetry. This was the first of those that I wrote. I have carefully proofed this against the original and the layout, punctuation and wording are correct...whether you like it or not :-)

Nonesuch 1

This poem was meant
For other that human minds;
Its words not made of human words
It shall be forsooth and forsay
Never to be grasped by other than I.
Forever and for nay,
Merry and anon
Shall this poem stand
As a gate to misunderstanding;
Locked against none but closed to
All who would have it other than
The way in which it wasn't meant.
Shall we
Shall thee
Into the eternal darkness
Of what even the soul can fathom?
We may tread
So long as we walk.
Human Reason may guide he
Who walks where no-one ever walks
But even he cannot guide us
Past this time to our destiny.

Come, without walking
Fly, without thought.
By this may one conquer these words
Which even I cannot repeat.
How does one express
What he is able
Without saying that which
He does not long for:

For upon the hill
Where the flowers bloom
In an endless winter of passion's
May the that I could were?
Be mine,
Be mine
He cries upon her snow dried ears.
But she only replies,
Without a wanton calling,
Of course,
Of course.
And so they speak,
In each other's lace,
That maybe
Just once
They could


Jane Doe said...

For upon the hill
Where the flowers bloom
In an endless winter of passion's

I love that part! So beautiful. The whole poem is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

P.S. I've started yet another writing prompt site, and I'd be honored if you could find the time and inclination to participate.

Jane's Inspirations

Jane Doe said...

I finally completed the meme you tagged me with. Thanks for the tag, I always love those.

Page 123

~beth ♥ said...

"Shall we
Shall thee
Into the eternal darkness
Of what even the soul can fathom?"

I adore those lines! Stunning! I wish I had been able to tap into that sort of talent in high school. Alas, I was too busy being a jock. :o)

The Phantom said...

You are all too kind. I see you've done the math, Beth, and you are right...that was my senior year. I also ran track that year and worked with the drama program. I had to make time for the poetry as a result of my english class which required us to journal. Ahh...I long for the days when I had that much energy :-) What sport did you do?

tumblewords said...

I'm glad you chose to share this with your readers. Absolutely. I love it. It reads very well and the words are wonderful. I've re-read it several times and like it more each time.

Linda Jacobs said...

I teach a poetry-writing course in high school and I want you in my class! Great job!

The Phantom said...

Linda, thank you so much...I am deeply touched. If you lived anywhere near Ohio I would be honored to talk to you class.

Yours truly Mason said...

this pome this thought is forever locked in my head until i can understandthe woords fully i dontthink i'll ever go to bed amazing poem im sitll stund by it