Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lost and Found and Lost (10-Mar-2008)

I don't know if I believe this mythology or not. I'll admit it takes a bit of ego to cast myself in the role of Consciousness but it is how I feel. And now that I have met my soul-mate I believe I have met Sleep. And I should have known it would have come to this if this mythology be true. When I wrote the first trilogy, I had no idea the pain that Consciousness felt at having his soul clove in two...now I do.

Lost and Found and Lost

I found you, Sleep, my darling.
Finally, after all these years we were one.
I thought we could be happy.
And we were so, for ever so brief a time.
But as when we were together before,
You stole behind me
And knocked me to my knees.
Why my darling, Why?
Why cannot you be content
To spend eternity at my side?
Is my company so painful?
Must you always run and hide?
I will wake and I will stand
And begin my search anew.
For this world will never be complete
Until I am bound to you.
And then as when we were made,
Our siblings will return from their sin;
And with the final setting of the sun
The next chapter of us all will begin.


paisley said...

but first you must sleep.....

~beth ♥ said...

It writes itself, doesn't it? You are merely the device used to express it. I feel the same. Thank you for finding my site as it has led me to discover you as well. I hope you stop by again. I think you would enjoy Inquietude.