Saturday, March 8, 2008

memory song (6-Mar-2008)

This is the second collaborative effort between myself and the very talented paisley.

This poem was free-form in which I felt it was more difficult merging our disparate voices. In spite of that, I think the result is still an exceptional piece of work. As always, Her presentation is superior.

The lines in italics are again hers but most of mine should have italics on them also since she improved many of them as well.

memory song

claude - noir by *luve

rise above the ground and
look, hard into the night
paint a portrait,, dark, noir,
as the waning moon,,
becomes you…

close your eyes and
let the fear, wash away itself;
fetid, merciless,
tho it might appear
it has become your spouse…

listen to the emptiness,
believe the bone chilling cold
fleeting movements
n’er do well, yet linger long.
the bridal chorus has become,,

… a painful memory song

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Thaleia said...

very nice poetry... I great collaboration!