Monday, March 24, 2008

Night Comfort (30-Dec-2007)

I always had a fondness for this one. I felt as though it expressed something basic about the human condition and the longing we all have to have someone special in our lives...and why we feel that need.

Night Comfort

When my sleep is disturbed
Darkness pulling at my mind
Your presence pushes out the evil
The darkness of the room
Fear and terror groping at me
Drowning me
Watching your smile as you sleep
Fills me with relief
Monsters from under reaching up
Trying to take me away
Your light breathing holds me
Grounds me to this place
I touch you and they shrink back
Defeated by your love


writerwoman said...

The group tag poem at Poets Who Blog is now posted and completed. Thanks for taking part.

writerwoman said...

This poem really reminds me of a mother comforting her child in the middle of the night.