Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Children (Aug-1993)

This is the first of a poetic trilogy that I wrote. I don't know if it really is a statement of belief but I like the mythology expressed. Part of it comes from the way I feel like an old soul and I cast myself as Consciousness in this series.

The Children of the Earth were created
in pairs as Yin to Yang
With the first being those that gave the Earth
awareness; their names being
Consciousness and Sleep
And the last being those that gave the Earth
purpose; their names being
Life and Death.
All the Children were necessary for they
provided balance for the Earth.
But one of they that came before the Creation
could not suffer to see how the Children
were loved and sought to destroy them.
To this end, he set the eldest pair against
themselves and when all was done it was
Sleep that overcame Conciousness.

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paisley said...

i am interested in finding out where you take this... very insightful premise....