Thursday, March 13, 2008

Her Lies

The problem with running three blogs is that you occasionally make an entry in the wrong place. I made this one here even though it was intended for my My Time With My Love blog. I have decided to leave the post here, however, because of the lovely poem left by Thaleia in the comments.

I know she is trying to keep her life under control and I don't really fault her for it but she has now broken every promise she made to me. She is spiraling out of control and in her frantic efforts to maintain her own sanity, she has thrown me under a bus. I so wish it didn't have to be this way...and, of course, it doesn't. She has chosen this path and put us both on it. Why she chooses for us to walk this road is still beyond my power to understand. Why we should both be miserable when we could both be happy is so uncharacteristically irrational of her. Sooner or later, I will leave this road of my own free will and she will finally be alone...and it pains me to know that. I hope she realizes that I will always be here as her friend when she finally comes to the realization that she needs one.


Thaleia said...

The road
ahead of us
is filled with pain
The darkness
is there
it breathes, it fades

when you walk
and start to run
you will see
a new road has begun

A road that's filled
with love and laughter
with living happily ever after

but now it still tastes
bitter sweet
you have to keep on walking
follow those feet

You will get there
in the end
'cause luck
is just
around the bend

paisley said...

well you know i am not hearts and flowers like our dear friend thaleia,, but i am sure given time you will emerge.. don't expect it to happen in earnest till you see something else you just cannot live without.. you'll see what i mean....