Saturday, March 15, 2008

Warmth (15-Dec-2007)

This was written on a cold day in December when the love between me and Ma Cherie was still burning bright. I never would have thought that a fire so bright could ever burn out. And maybe it hasn't...maybe it is still burning under the surface and waiting for a day it can burn anew.


As a bowl of soup brings warmth on a cold winter's day
So did my love bring warmth to my heart in the winter of my life.

When she touches me with icy hands to warm herself
Her touch still warms me to my soul.

Long did I stand Alone, Cold, and Naked
Before a world that did not care.

She came to me and covered me with her love
As a blanket that shelters me.

She took her love and placed it in my heart
And lit the fire I thought had died long ago.

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paisley said...

well by golly at least now you know all your parts are working.. go use them!!!!