Monday, March 10, 2008

Goodbye (13-May-1997)

I'm still an emotional wreck after seeing my expired love yesterday and knowing I will see her again tomorrow. As such, I just can't put together a coherent thought. Here is something from my past that compliments my current mood. I have no idea when it was written but I know it was under similar circumstances only much less intense.


Like a Thief in the night
She comes and steals a piece of my soul.
Once again I am alone.
My Hermia is but a stone.
With every step, with every move
I leave behind a piece of my humanity.

1 comment:

Thaleia said...

Those stolen pieces
suit me right
They bring me peace
guide me in the night

I need them with me
to have, to hold
to tell a tale
that's never been told