Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fairway (6-Mar-2008)

This is in response to the Totally Optional Prompt site call for poems that are written in a voice different from your normal one. I actually pondered whether this is at all possible and whether any effort could be that good. But, always up for a challenge, I asked myself what "voice" I never use. I know how to capture love and wonder and, when those leave me, despair. But the one voice that seems to elude me is bitterness. My friends all tell me I should be bitter over the way I have been treated but I just can't convert my continued feelings of tenderness into something so vile. But, this call for a different voice was a chance for me to see what that might look like.


Welcome to the "Big K House of Pain"
Step right up and spin the big wheel
So sorry, so sorry, so oh so sorry;
Some will leave with a mild chafing
Others with a lightly bruised ego
But you have won the grand prize.
Fold, spindle, and mutilate the heart;
Rise for another beating.
Thrown out at the end
A Cooger & Dark ride
Your soul to rend.
Ever so foolish,
You stand to return.
Of that thumbish prickling
You never learn.


paisley said...

well honey... allow me, the bitter mistress herself,, to offer you a little schooling in true bitterness... while this scenario could in fact lead to bitterness..

the true bitterness comes in after you have walked away.. seethed about it for a ridicules amount of time.. and created a monstrosity out of the molehill of disappointment it really was..

if you proceed to walk back over there tear the wheel from its haunches and beat the shit out of the carnie.... email me and i will give you a step by step on self loathing....LOL

tumblewords said...

This works. Works well. It's not as bitter as it could be but it's a good start! I like this one, a lot!

Lime & Tequila said...

I enjoyed this "new" voice of yours. It's good to stretch and you did so excellently in this case.



gautami tripathy said...

I too like it. Bitterness need not be soul destroying.

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