Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Standing In A Field (14-Mar-1985)

At the request of Poets Who Blog I dug out this old poem to help out Milou, a nine year old girl from Buenos Aries who is celebrating World Poetry Day with poems about earth activism.

Standing In A Field

The air smells good.
The sun is bright;
The grass is soft.
I'm standing in a big field looking over the horizon.
I see clouds in the distance.
A storm is brewing.
Maybe it will pass to the South.

The land is good.
The flowers are colorful;
The breeze is cool.
How long will I be allowed to stand here?
I see buildings in the distance.
Man is coming.
Why can't this, too, pass to the South.

But it will not.
The air will smell dirty.
The sun will turn dark;
The grass will turn hard.
The flowers will turn brown,
The breeze will turn cold.
I will soak this up for now, here in this field.
I see hills in the distance.
There is grass there.
Maybe I will pass to the South.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeff,

for your contribution:-)
I put you on World Poetry Day.

Have a great day,

Michelle Johnson said...

So, Jeff is your name. Well, Jeff I love this poem. I like the circular format and how you want everything to move South. Any particular reason for that? I also picked up on a hint of how we are destroying the beauty that's before us. I wish everyone could see how much the country is changing before it's to late. Beautiful poem.

Before I go, I have tagged you for a book meme. Meet me at for instructions. But, only if you want to play. Have a nice night.

paisley said...

this was particularly meaningful as in the times in which we live so much focus is on being green... where as i am a firm non believer in the negative effects of global warming,,, i believe we are way off mark when it comes to taking care of the planet on which we reside.. this was a very forthright way of looking at the changes brought on by mans very existence.....

writerwoman said...

Thanks for supporting Milou and making PWB work.

writerwoman said...

To me this ia about a person trying to outrun invading civilization but of course they can't. Very deep. It makes you think.