Tuesday, March 4, 2008

she (3-Mar-2008)

I was approached by a poet who goes by the name paisley who suggested we collaborate on writing a poem. I was flattered because I find her work to be exceptional; an expression of true talent.

I must admit that I was nervous at the prospect...largely out of my lack confidence in my abilities. I quickly found I had nothing to worry about. She brings out the best of my poetic voice and it is a pleasure to work with her. Her poetic companionsip continues to help me through a very difficult time.

She always pairs a picture with her poems and she chose the perfect one for this. The lines in italics are her contributions to what I believe to be a very good work. You should also take a look at her much prettier presentation.


High Society by ~Arsinoes

she stank of proper breeding,
blue blood coursing through her veins.

blackened ego bleeding;
other’s needs her soul disdains.

perpetually martyred mistress,
she orchestrates her savage games.

bloomless flowers growing listless;
shooting every horse she lames.

dark horizons chasing yearly,
every lover pushed away.
for his weakness, he’ll pay dearly;
plumage plucked by foul play.

as she wanders, ever weaving,
ornate webs of sheer decay,

he is cast off, blindly grieving;
with a heart of ill fired clay.

yet deep inside her, she is wanton,
a lonely child long ignored.
crying tears, of golden bullion;
for a love she can’t afford…


paisley said...

well i for one think it is the shit!!!! i love it.. and i thank you ... and i look forward to doing it again.......

SandyCarlson said...

I love the last stanza. It brings the whole piece together nicely.

Lime & Tequila said...

"She stank of proper breeding" is a line that initially grabbed my attention. Your words hold some powerful images.