Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why? (9-Mar-2008)

I saw my love for the first time today since she left me. It was only in passing and yet I miss her so and it reminds me of the one question I cannot answer. In an effort to provide some focus, I used the words from Three Word Wednesday and the Poefusion Friday 5. It remains a little unfocused but, then again, so am I.


I cannot answer this question.
I see a body at rest
On a cold slab of sidewalk.
I cannot answer this question.
The blood in my heart
Creates a racket that will not silence.
I cannot answer this question.
She smiles at me;
Pain coils me snug as a snake.
I cannot answer this question.
The past boggles my mind;
Was it real? Where did it go?
I cannot answer this question.
Our fertile green soil
Has been twice salted.
I cannot answer this question.


Michelle Johnson said...

There's nothing more painful than running into an ex when the breakup is still so tender in our hearts. Your poem is really good. I love the repetitive lines in this piece because it draws your attention closer to the questions your unable to answer. Maybe someday you will be able to answer those questions but, until then I hope your heart finds some peace. Have a nice day.

paisley said...

this poem much like life... a virtual catch 22.....

Christine said...

The silver lining is that you express yourself so well. Your poem is beautiful.

I don't think I could say it any better than Michelle does. Peace to you.

Thaleia said...

The cracks are so fresh
so painful, so real
The pain in my heart
I submit and I feel

The hurting so fresh
so true and so hard
A fissure has entered
and cracked me apart

tumblewords said...

Life is unfocused for the most part. The yearning questions are focused here...

TC said...

I agree with Michelle :( Sorry you had to go through that.

I'm impressed that you were able to use all those words :)